About Us

Moppeteers EduGroup blossomed from the passion of two parents who are educators in our Singapore Education System. They held very respectable positions in the Primary and Secondary Schools sectors. They ran and coordinated many educational and engaging programs in their respective schools.

Mr. Prem and Mrs. Gaithri Prem were in search of a preschool to enroll their two Daughters, Meisha and Mei ha. Like all Parents, they wanted the very best for their daughters.

They went to numerous schools but found none that really aligned to their expectations both as parents and educators.

Seeing that the preschool education was not offering much to our young and budding generation of the future, in 2011, Mrs. Gaithri Prem decided to go through the process of setting up her very first Kindergarten at Tam pines Street 45. She spearheaded the whole  project which was forged together with Mr. Prem's strong experience of 7 years in lower Primary Education in one of a well-known Primary school in Singapore. His direct experience in the Holistic Educational Program that was being implemented by Singapore's Ministry of Education played a vital role in conjuring up the curriculum.

To provide a more comprehensive and full educational service, Mr. Prem and Mrs. Gaithri Prem opened up the centers tol nnchment lessons such as Speech & Drama, Gymnastics, Young Artist, Creative writing, Phonics, Zumba, Fun Craft and Foreign Languages, during the weekends due to the over whelming response and enquires for enrichment classes during the weekends by parents. It was satisfying that parents wanted enrichment classes as they said that their children love coming to school and they wanted to come to school even during the weekends

As they progressed on their educational Journey, they realized and identified that there is a significant rise of children with specific needs however, the support provided is completely masked by the number of children with specific needs. They soon understood that the need for Early intervention for Specific Needs in the areas of Physical Development, Psychological Development and Academic Development is increasing that there is growing need for an intervention. They were urged to also focus on the whole Spectrum of Special Needs. Mr. Prem and Mrs. Gaithri Prem therefore set up Centers in the 4 directions of Singapore so that students will have enough scheduled sessions so that they specific needs can be met and overcome so that they will be able to ease into our educational system. They also ensure that they have facilities, capacity and manpower to provide regular and consistent sessions

Along with our Early Intervention Programs, Moppeteers EduGroup is applying Brain Gym methods and techniques as well as infusing the Concepts of Multiple Intelligences and programs to further enhance our little Moppeteers, cognitive learning and mind development. There are many constant changes, demands and development in our preschool educational system, primary and secondary curriculum and the increasing need for Early intervention. Moppeteers EduGroup is constantly evolving to keep abreast of the changes. Moppeteers EduGroup is growing and developing new programs for our precious ones so that they will have a holistic education through fun and play.

Education is a journey of a thousand mile, take the FIRST STEP with MOPPETEERS.