Mastery of Fine and Gross Motor Skills


Organise Their Cognitive and Thinking Process


Phonemic and Mathematical Mastery


Play and Socialise Well with Others


Emotional Development


Transition From Preschool To Primary


Student of Scholastic and Moral Executive

Full Day Kindergarten Program

Moppeteers Preschool & Kindergarten Education

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Our Early Years Curriculum

Our Curriculum follow EMC2 approach which supports children’s development through inter-disciplinary activities. This activity provides a platform to every child’s cognitive, social, emotional, physical, artistic and creative potential.

EMC2 stands for Emotional Skill, Motor Skill, Cognitive Skill & Communication Skill.

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Holistic Approaches at Preschool in Singapore

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Our Classes

The class timetable for each programme incorporates Enrichment-Infused curriculum based on our unique framework –EMC2.

Lessons are delivered through Play-Based mode.

  • Year olds 18 – 35 months
  • Class size 1:6
$49 m/h

  • Year olds 3 – 4 years
  • Class size1:10
$59 m/h

  • Year olds 5 – 6 years
  • Class size1:15


Gaithri Vasanthe Kumar - Moppeteers


Director And Co-Founder Moppeteers EduGroup

Ms Gaithri has been in the educational industry since 2000. Her interest in education was...



Co-Founder Moppeteers Edu Grp

Mr Prem has been in the Educational Industry since 2005. Mr Prem has been academically...

  • You Will Feel Secure As Your Child Will Be In Good Hands With Moppeteers!” Ezio has been with Moppeteers since playgroup(PG). He has grown and gained a lot of knowledge with Moppeteers. In addition, the school has given them a good environment, where you will feel secure as your child will be in good hands […]

    Ezio’s -
  • Our son Pocholo has been with Moppeteers since 2015. We appreciate how personable the teachers are. The teachers call us anytime there is even a slight concern. This is very assuring to us. Pocholo started performing better when he was taught in his specific learning style. We also enjoy receiving daily updates and photos of […]

    Pocholo -

Early Intervention ( B.T.S.T.A Programme)

Established in the year 2007, Moppeteers Edu Grp started individualised and early childhood special education programmes for children with specific needs. Our early intervention program is for 18months to adulthood. Early Intervention program address to specific needs which can be hindering one from learning, reading, writing, communicating or even performing daily duties efficiently. We focus on all age group:

Bairn Bridging Programmes (BBP)

At the age 18 -35 months infants start developing their movements pattern, motor skill, play skill which is directly related to how child process information. Sensory development can further cause development delay. To improve infant sensory processing, we try multi-frame approach which help stimulates child sensory or motor skills development.

Sprout Bridging Programmes(SBP)

At the ages 7- 12, our littles one is sprouting and venturing into a micro world. This is where they will learn on the very fundamentals of skills, interactions and knowledge.

Achievers Bridging Programmes(ABP)

At adulthood, they will be venturing into the world with the skills and knowledge to achieve and conquer the world before them. This program caters to specific adulthood need in term of career building activities, navigating through their physical challenges and developing self- confidence to drive them.

Tyke Bridging Programmes (TBP)

At the age 3 -6, children develop their foundational skills. If any signs of development delay are shown it can stop a child to grow at its maximise potential. Our objective here is to provide intervention for their developmental growth in a natural and engaging learning environment and to foster their functional communication, play, social and school readiness skills.

Teen Bridging Programmes(TBP)

At this age, teenager is at turning point of their life where they stop being as kid and start becoming their own person. Programs are created as individual where in-dept advice are given in managing their behavioural issue, how to make healthier and to have more rational lifestyle.

Our Difference

Curriculum - based

  • Enrichment- Infused Curriculum
  • Customised curriculum as each child need
  • Unique reading and writing program
  • Brain Gym program for holistic development
  • Small Teacher to Student Ratio
  • Enrichment classes on daily timetable: Phonics, Speech and drama, second language, young artist
  • Core preschool curriculum including science, mathematics, language, geography.

Engaging before and after school program

  • Best in class safety and security
  • Parents – Teachers Alliance
  • Thematic learning approach: Field trip to explore and learn