A friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

A man is known by the company he keeps. Quite a famous saying, and very true indeed. It is true that you might be born with a heart of gold but if you stay with the wrong minds for long, your heart will conceal itself in a layer of misdoings. Our friendships at the early stage of life are what really defines us as human beings. What gets built up overages is just hiding the true individual within who got formed during the pre-school friendships.

During these formative years, it is very important that a kid is exposed to the right kind of atmosphere and the right kind of people. While we can try to control the environment around our kid in all possible ways, it is not always feasible to have 100% control all the time. We have work to do, business to attend and we tend to leave our kids in the care of others. Now the others can either be acquaintances who may or may not be trained to take care of these intricacies of child development. Or they could be professionals who have through years of research found out how to nurture the kid and ensure cognitive development in the most practical ways.
Let us imagine, your kid is just 2 years old and he is exposed to a group of 16 years old who are hurling abuses at each other after a fight in school. The kid may not understand all of what [s]he hears from them, but some part of these conversation stays with the kid. Kids are made of superabsorbent material and they seep in everything around them, they may or may not express immediately but it stays with them for a long time and leaves a mark on their personality. Hence it is very important for the kid to be in and around creativity and be in an environment where every cell imparts knowledge and every brick instills mental development
In the earlier times, parents got to choose the friendships that the kid gets into and thus they used to control the interactions that their kid would get into. For example, my mother had all the time in the world to listen to each word I blabbered as a 2-year-old, monitor each action that I undertook as a kid. But given the kind of professional and career commitments that we have today, it is highly impossible to listen and monitor the kid 24*7. Every working mother worries that their kid might be exposed to the wrong kind of people or wrong kind of environment. If a child as a 2-year-old is constantly exposed to loud noises, high pitched voices and sharp cutting-edge words, the kid would assume it to be normal and hence his communication skills would be shaped up in a similar fashion.

Nourish while it is growing, and the plant will give you the best possible fruit. Similarly, a kid if given the right kind of surrounding to grow in, can shape into a dignified and successful individual. And this surrounding is only possible under professional supervision with a structured approach towards child care and development.