A Survival Guide: How to Help Your Child to Have an Amazing First Day of Nursery School

School is a enormous and transformational step for every kid and enough support and backing is the necessity of every kid who is all set to embark on this journey. As parents we have the maximum amount of responsibility in making this entire journey stress free and smooth. The process of preparing your kid for school begins almost 1 month before the 1st day of school. Many parent dreads the day when their kids start going to school because that would mean less time with the kid for themselves. This is the first behavior that needs amendment, while preparing yourself for the future is very much on your own, you can always seek guidance from the professionals. The professionals will guide you and run you through the journey of your kid’s transformation into a school going champ.

Once you are mentally prepared to take the step of sending your kid to school, the real journey begins. The first and foremost step is involving the kid in the process. Making the kid aware of the upcoming change and explaining the things that might strike the kid as life transforming. Once the kid has bought into the idea of going to a school and is all positively charged up, comes the next step of making him adjust to the schedule. The nap times, feeding times, play times all need to be synced with the timing of the school. You cannot take the risk of waking up your kid from half sleep and sending a not so fresh child to his or her first day of school. Making sure the child gets adjusted to the schedule should and must start at least few weeks before the 1st day of school.

Second step, which is more like a continuous process is to make the kid acquainted to the events of a normal day at school. The less kid is surprised the better for the settling in process. No false promises and no negative words is one of the most important rules in this process. The kid may have a hundred of questions and as parents we must be patient enough to answer each and every query and make sure the kid accepts the answer and makes peace with it. You always want an excited kid on the first day of school rather than a terrified one.

Third most important step is to involve the kid in process of shopping and picking up stuff for his school. The kid needs to know what his bag pack will have on the first day, he/she should be excited about the new uniform, the new shoes, the new water bottle and tiffin box.

Accompanying the kid to school on the first day and making sure you are around for the first day is important. This work can be delegated but the kid’s buy in is important in that case, the kid should know who is going to accompany him/her to school. The first goodbye is always tough and as a parent you have the responsibility of making it less painful. A few positive words and thoughts and then you leave the kid to the professionals.

The teachers at Mopeteers unlike most nursery school in Singapore are very loving and caring human beings apart from being professionals who have been trained to take care of situations like crying on the first day or first few weeks. Hence ‘do not turn back’ when you hear your kid cry from within the classroom is one important rule.

In this entire process, all you need is lot of energy, preparedness and immense amount of positivity. But your worry is much lesser if you have chosen Mopeteers because we have always got your back.