About Moppeteers:

Moppeteers is a ONE-STOP Learning Hub which serves and provides ANY and EVERY Educational Needs of every individual. Our varied services serve the ages as young as 8 months till 16 years of age. Learning does not stop at Moppeteers! We provide continuity and thus parents can be rest assured that it’s THE place to take care of all of your precious ones’ educational needs.



March 20

Started With A Tuition Centre At Tampines

March 21

Between 2010 – 2011: Coined Out Our ONE And ONLY Moppeteers Framework – EMC2

March 21

Tampines Tuition Centre To Moppeteers Kinderworld Pte Ltd

March 21

Preschool At Serangoon : Moppeteers Learning Hub

March 21

Opened Branch At Mirage Tower As Moppeteers @ River Valley

March 21

Jurong East Was Fourth Branch: Moppeteers Bridging Hub

March 21

Namly Became Our Fifth Centre: Moppeteers @ Namly

March 21

Welcomed Our 7th Centre Of Moppeteers @ AMK Pte Ltd

March 21

Welcomed Our 8th Centre Of Moppeteers @ Siglap



“Change is the only Constant” – Heraclitus.

“There must be constant evolution in education so that our younger generation can keep up with the fast pace in which we are moving Towards.” – Premanesh Naidu

Education is the Most Precious Commodity in the World. It’s also the Greatest Gift to our children. We all want to be proud holders of certifications and at the same time, we all want to be proud Parents or GrandParents whose descendants have obtained the very highest in Educational Prowess.

At Moppeteers, We are very proud to have engineered a systematic and unique curriculum which has helped many Students in their academic pursuance. 

We are committed in creating new and progressive approaches to our curriculum and pedagogies thus ensuring that Little Moppeteers are developing their Emotional, Motor, Cognitive and Communicative Skills,

At Moppeteers, we strive and pride ourselves in instilling Values and building Character. We believe that Good Values and Good Characters are the building blocks of a Outstanding Human Being. Thus, we ensure that our curriculum has many learning moments for Character Building and Value Development. 

Our Commitment in Education is our Upmost Priority. We believe that we can make a difference in each and every child who walks through our Moppeteers Door. We strive to be a One stop Learning Hub For All Educational Needs. A Learning Journey of a Thousand Mile, Take Your First Step With Us.


  1. To provide an optimal environment that nurture children’s holistic development.
  2. To foster an authentic and resilient partnership with families and communities.
  3. Empowering each child to be an enthusiastic life-long learner and a confident citizen in future.

Moppeteers is a place where every child is inspired to achieve their full potential through quality, innovative and enriched learning.

Each moppet is a wonder! Moppeteers aims to develop and mould each child into a well-rounded individual through lessons and activities that.

Moppeteers aims to :

  • Provides a fun and learning environment
  • Develops healthy children with physical coordination
  • Develops and sustain their curiosity for the love of learning.
  • Equip our children for primary one education.
  • Allows students to learn at their own space and learning style engages and support each child’s curiosity;
  • Offers them a wide range of resources to work on them in purposefully designed learning corners.
  • Provides interactive and thought-provoking lessons to encourage students to think beyond and achieve their potential.
  • Provides each child a platform to acquire social skills and be confident in order to communicate freely and easily.

Our curriculum is delivered in Moppeteers unique approach which centres around 4 main principals which we define as the 4 Moppeteers Pillars:

  1. Focus on key learning areas: Our programs are designed to cover key learning areas which are prescribed by the MOE framework. These include Aesthetics & Creative Expressions, Discovery of the World, Language & Literacy, Motor Skills Development and Numeracy. In addition to these Our Progams include the Little Ninjas Gym program and Speech & Drama.
  2. Thematic approach: All our program you chose from Pre-nursery/Playgroup through to Kindergarten, our curriculum will cover themes over a 40 week plan. The themes change every 2 weeks and each learning area will follow the theme for the respective period.
  3. Learning through Experience: Monthly or bi-monthly field trips are planned based on the theme to bring the theme to LIFE. This enhances their aspirations to continue to want to learn.
  4. Purposeful Play: We provide an enrichment infused program which is designed more like play but helps to achieve a purpose or learning objectives. We incorporate play-based Speech and Drama, Arts & Crafts, Story-Telling, Show and Tell, Music & Movement and our Little Ninjas Gym program.

Learning Methodology

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