Benefits of Early Preschool Programs for Holistic Development

The early preschool education program is a global and all-inclusive term used to designate any kind of educational drive that caters to kids in their preschool years or before they are grown up enough to step into the kindergarten standards.

Early preschool programs encompass all kinds of formal, informal, vocational and hands-on training given to children in their early days. It is essential for every child to experience such early education exposures for their overall cognitive and physical development of the child. This education is basic and imperative to the development of a child and can meaningfully nurture and remold the later years of a child’s life.

Early childhood education is helpful for children in the age group of 18months – 6 years. It’s also habitually stated as early preschool programs, pre-kindergarten, pre-nursery, nursery and day care programs. Be it any name, such early education concepts prepare the child and improve the transition phase into elementary school. Preschool benefits broadly include an unswerving structure and routine and a thorough focus on early education and learning. Most of such programs also make the children learn and acquire a variability of language, social, emotional and cognitive skills.

Preschool, imparts structured formal education and social interaction. It is endowed with teachers and mentors skilled and experts in delivering early education to kids. Not only academics and cognitive skills, but early preschool exposure also help a toddler to learn about social gestures, appropriate attitudes, and behaviours, respect, love, and sharing. The kindergarten approach helps the child to gather self-confidence and overcome all kinds of challenges in different stages of life. Its aim is towards holistic mental and physical development of the child. Kindergarten curriculum encompasses a lot of aspects needed to child growth. Its main aim is to provide a well-rounded program that aids and facilitates all areas of development. Such programs focus on nutrition, child health, and family support. It is a helping platform to enhance learning and identify concerns and areas of skill, expertise, liking, and improvement.  Research has suggested that quality and impactful early childhood education preschool presents a range of supports to children as well as to their families and their surroundings. In a recent study, childhood education experts claimed that preschool children learn most effectually when they socialise, interact and mingle with their peers, receive loving and affectionate treatment from their parents and mentors and learn happily in a playful way.

Early preschool programs have large and far reaching benefits. The curriculum of the program is structured and designed in such a manner, that it is meant to cover all aspects of learning. The children are taught about basic and elementary concepts of English, maths, science, environmental studies, communities, social norms, etiquette, colors, shapes, numbers and animal and birds. The kids are exposed to concepts of phonetics, numbers and their forms, people around them, shapes and colors in the surrounding, vegetables, fruits, animals, flowers, and insects. Everything is taught adapting the play way methods so that learning is impactful and retention is desirable.