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Gaithri Vasanthe Kumar

Ms Gaithri has been in the educational industry since 2000. Her interest in education was ignited when she volunteered her services with SINDA. Seeing her outstanding commitment and dedication, Sinda has offered her a permanent tutor position. Concurrently, Ms Gaithri was also tutoring at CDAC where she had tutored many students into achieving results where they have never thought that it was attainable.

During these period, Ms Gaithri’s passion in education was ignited. Thus she joined MOE, NIE. While pursuing her Education in NIE, Ms Gaithri taught in schools in the West. She gained much recognition from her supervisors and principals during her attachments. Her first posting was in a Secondary school where she was entrusted with leadership roles and lead teams in the management of the school. During her time there, she brought about much changes to the school’s curriculum and success in the students’ results.

It was at the juncture that her love and passion grew towards students with special needs. She knew that with proper guidance, love and positive attitude towards them, they would achieve as any other regular child. After a successful period at her first Secondary school, Ms Gaithri moved to A Secondary School in Ang Mo Kio. Here Ms Gaithri was given greater roles and responsibilities. She shone even brighter and had revolutionise many approaches and initiatives in this school. The students truly adored her and saw her as a Mentor and a true Educator, which was why they were lost when she had to resign to start a family.

Although she had resigned to start a family, the fire within her which was fanned by her passion to teach spawned a small tuition place at Serangoon North. Due to her kind nature and opening hers doors to her kids, whom she lovingly called her tuition students, her students intake grew exponentially. Thus, gives the spawn of her First Centre at Tampines Street 45 which is still running. As the numbers grew, so did her desire to expand and further extend her services provide in her Centre.

Feeling that preschool education was lacking in many aspects, she embarked on a journey to come up with a curriculum that would be ideal and perfect to provide a wholistic preschool education for the little ones. Her curriculum was very well received by the Preschoolers and their parents. They raved reviews and started recommending Moppeteers to many parents to her schools, which at this point has grew to a few centres around Singapore. Ms Gaithri believed that the greatest advertising was through the mouths of the parents. There was no great advertisement that parents giving 2 thumps up.

Seeing the success of the Preschools, Ms Gaithri wanted to include more services, thus she introduced Student Care services and the Early Intervention Education. Ms Gaithri felt validated when she saw that the children who registered for Early Intervention were showing improvements by leaps and bounds. Parents were showing their appreciation through phone calls and messages.

Even Hospitals were referring, Children with Special Needs to Moppeteers in enrol their children with us for a inclusive curriculum. Seeing the steady growth and positive response from the children, parents and stakeholders, Ms Gaithri has set her sights overseas.

Currently, Ms Gaithri is expanding Moppeteers Overseas and looking for opportunities beyond our shores.

Premanesh Naidu

Mr Prem has been in the Educational Industry since 2005. Mr Prem has been academically inclined and passionate in Education since his Primary school days. He was involved in many Peer Tutoring Programmes. Mr Prem has been tutoring since the age of 18years. From the age of 18 till now, Mr Prem has never given up on his passion of teaching and he is still tutoring till to-date despite his busy schedule.

While Mr Prem was pursuing his Education in NIE, he was attached to one of the TOP Primary Schools in Singapore. He acquired diverse teaching methods and pedagogies. In his first posting to a Primary School, Mr Prem quickly rose through the ranks. He was in charge of several programmes in the school. He was also given the post of Discipline Master.

Due to his prowess ability in English, Maths and Science, his class scores was above the school average with highest number of quality scores. His ability to understand the students learning styles, strengths, weaknesses and use them as tools to enable his students to realise their potential.

He was given a Primary 6 Science Class of 9 students. They were failing in all their science exams and tests. After Mr Prem took over in the beginning of year of their PSLE exams. He used his own methodologies and Pedagogies to teach them. Within 9 months, his 9 Science Students scores 4As 3Bs 2Cs.

Mr Prem was swayed by his Wife, Ms Gaithri on the idea of opening up a tuition centre followed by Preschool than Early Intervention. As they both shared the same passion, He embarked on the journey with her. Mr Prem is essential in the development of Moppeteers as he has a keen eye and could easily assess the students strengths, weakness and learning styles. He would then devise a plan or strategy on how to help them improve. His success rate with is close to 100% passes. His Students call him, “Miracle Teacher or Magic Teacher.”

Till to date, Mr Prem is still tutoring students and coming up with improved and refined methods to help students from ages 18months to 16years to learn and fulfil their potential and not let their minds be idle but keeping it engaged and motivated to learn.