At MOPPETEERS, the safety of our Little Ones is our priority. However, accidents can still happen. Nevertheless, our teachers and staff will always be on their guard to minimize the possibilities of any mishaps.

All of our staff, including the director and principal is first-and trained. In the case of a minor injury, the teacher will administer first aid. In the event of a medical emergency we will either call 995 and bring the child to the nearest hospital or to the clinic depending on the severity of the injury.

Parents will also be contacted a soon as possible in the event of an illness or injury requiring medical assistance. If parents are uncontactable, we will call the person stated in the emergency contact list.

Parents are required to pay for the consultation charges and medical fees where possible. Reimbursement can be made through the student’s group insurance where applicable.

Every precaution will be taken to ensure the safety of the children in MOPPETEERS.

However,MOPPETEERS will not be responsible for any loss or injuries sustained by the child during his/her participation in any of the activities conducted within or outside the school grounds.

The following protocols and procedures are implemented to ensure the safety and security of our Little Ones:

  • To prep our teachers for emergencies, Fire Drills and Emergency Evacuation Exercise are conducted at least twice a year.
  • Parents are to report to the General Office for assistance if you wish to speak or meet with our teachers.
  • Our little Ones are advised not to wear expensive jewellery or bring expensive items to school.
  • Parents are required to label all your child’s belongings to avoid any loss.
  • Our Little Ones are required to carry their parents’ contact number in his/her bag for emergency purposes.