DO You Have It All Covered For Your Toddler?

They say, everything has a right time, and nothing happens before it is due. But the right time for development, learning and growth is always ‘Now’. Since ages it has been considered that learning and development of a human being starts after the age of 3, before that all they have to achieve is crawl, sit, stand, walk, speak a few words coherently and have regular cycles of eating and sleeping. Only after they join school and step into a fixed curriculum would they embark on the journey of mental and intellectual development. As normal as this sound, this isn’t completely true. Research has proved that a child’s brain starts forming from the time they are born, the way they see the world, the people around them, the activities that they are indulged in, leave an unerasable imprint on their brains. Now this can be a matter of concern to many because we might not even realise what our toddler has picked up today from our activities.

This very issue brings in the need for developmental learning and defining a child’s growth in terms of milestones. How does a kid respond to different colors, audio songs, videos and what is the first action the kid takes when he holds a book in his hand, all these define the interest and learning needs for a child. If your child is quick in picking up new words or if he responds to songs even when he is half asleep or if she doesn’t leave a single opportunity to crawl down outdoors or if he stares at a particular picture on the wall for hours together, then the child is trying to convey his interests. It becomes our responsibility to match this need with the right amount and scale of knowledge and thus empower the child to grow.

However, it isn’t always possible for us as parents to identify and map these needs and ensure skill building. Even if I could identify the need, do I know how to handle the learning curve, there is no curriculum defined for this, there are no proper self help books available for enabling me to achieve this. What if I misread the signs and put my child on a detrimental path and this directly affects his mental growth, quite probable. I have seen parents forcing children to learn multiple languages right from the time they start speaking, this confuses the child. Assuming that the kid started speaking when he was 6 months old and hence his linguistic skills are heightened, is not always right. Putting in too much of effort and defining too many milestones for a child can put inappropriate amount of pressure on the child’s mental health.

This is exactly where the experts step in, the time that the kid spends in a preschool can be so much more rewarding than just babysitting if the kid’s needs are being catered to by professionals. Moving away from the conventional methods of child development and discovering new techniques which are customised to assist in shaping a highly intellectual and intelligent human being of the future, is the need of the hour.

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