If you would like to enroll your child with MOPPETEERS, the following documents are required :

  • A copy of Mother’s Identification Card
  • A copy of Father’s Identification Card
  • A copy of Children’s Birth Certicate
  • A copy of Child’s Immunization Record
  • 3 Passport-Size Photographs
  • Medical Records(if any)
  • Mother’s CPF Contribution /Pay Slip (3 months)- Applicable to Childcare ONLY
  • CDA/Baby Bonus Documents
  • Giro Application

Things to bring to School :

  1. Water bottle with name clearly labeled
  2. Extra pair of diapers if necessary
  3. Extra pair of clothing
  4. Parent-Teacher Alliance Book aka PTA Book
  5. Stationery will be provided

All enrolled children have to go through the 2 weeks trial perod. During this trial period, parents will pay the 2 weeks pro-rated fees without subsidy and 1 month deposit. However, in any case of withdrawal after the 2 weeks trial , the Center will refund the 1 month of deposit.(Applicable to childcare only)

Parents who wish to reserve a place for their child for the following year , a registration fee and deposit must be paid in advance.

If you wish for your child to remain in our school for the following year,you are required to participate in the re-registration exercise which will be caried out in November of each year.

The school uniform can be purchased by placing an order. Depending on the stock, parents will be advised on collection date. One(1) set of Uniform costs $30.00. Parents are to confirm the size of the uniform as it can only be exchanged once.

Upon registration, it is acknowledged that the parents have consented for their child to participate in all activities conducted by MOPPETEERS.