Our Story

Moppeteers Education Group Pte Ltd, has been established for 10 over years. It is just NOT a preschool enrichment centre but is also highly recommended for early intervention running over 4 franchises in Singapore. Over 50 educators, Moppeteers operates as an efficient running preschool in Singapore. Safety, Quality & Facility are the three key factors which determine the success of Moppeteers.

Why Moppeteers

  1. Well-designed Premium Enrichment- Infused Curriculum
  2. Tested and Proven Education Model
  3. One-Stop Learning hub from child care to preschool including early intervention program
  4. THE ONE & ONLY First Franchise SYSTEM to provide a varied service
  5. Opportunity to leverage on 10 over years of expertise and knowledge of the Recession-Proof Business Model
  6. Delivers a complete franchisee support
  7. Training assistance throughout the tenure to understand deliver to standards of the Business Model

Moppeteers Support throughout the tenure… at NO ADDITIONAL COST!

  • Centre Management Support
  • Student Management Support
  • Staff Management Support
  • Curriculum Management Support

Be A Moppeteers Franchisee

We believe to work as a family and not just a business.

Moppeteers has a strong and experienced management team who are very experienced and versatile in this field of Singapore Education System. We have a strong management team at the centre office who gather daily information about each franchisee regarding student well-being, parents’ concerns or any other operational improvements.

We, believe that our teachers play a crucial role in creating an enriching and conducive learning environment and delivering Moppeteers education in an efficient way. All our educators have diploma or certification in Early Childhood Education.

We adhere to the Early Childhood Development Agency of Singapore (the “ECDA”) guidelines with regards to the teacher-child ratio. We are PROUD to say we cater to a lower teacher-student ratio based on our methodology.

We believe each child has its own way of learning during their developmental phase. This virtue of Moppeteers is highly appreciated by parents as they lookout for their precious one’s overall development and well-being.

Thus, we have engineered each and every Moppeteers’ Schools to provide a safe , conducive and engaging environment.

Our Franchisees…

Our Franchisee Centres

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