Homeschooling vs Attending Preschool in Singapore

Preschool is the introduction of your kid to a pre-defined curriculum and as harsh as it may sound it may not always be your liking and expectations. Most people tend to bridge this gap in expectation and reality by resorting to homeschooling for their little ones. The learning requirements of your own kid, his/her pace of grasping things, the kid’s schedule for the kid, waking up conveniently, nap times undisturbed and many such tiny little details can be taken off by you as a parent. As this schedule has been catered only for your child, it is bound to sit down really well with your little one.

Some parents even go a step further and adopt some well-structured homeschooling programs which are available online and through different counseling programs. These programs come with well-defined timings, durations, and curriculum that has to be followed for meeting the learning requirements for your kid. And if the parent sticks to the program to the tiniest detail it is sure to instill the values of discipline in your kid. These curriculums have been used by many parents across who do not seem to rest their trust even in the top preschools in Singapore.

While there is no refuting the fact that a parent always knows the best for their kids, sometimes professional help is the need of the hour. While as a parent you might be following a strict regime with your child and monitoring his/her learning growth and trend very rigorously, there might be certain social and cognitive learning requirements that you might not be able to fulfill through homeschooling. The preschools in Singapore follow professionally designed and well tested learning ways for your kid. There are teachers and facilitators who know exactly how to react to every tantrum thrown around by your kid. There are activities which mostly happen in groups thus giving your kid the much-needed exposure of social interactions.

Homeschooling often tends to isolate your kid from the society and the other kids and the preschools in Singapore address that problem really well. At Mopeteers, we take care of the special needs of your kid while hand holding him/her through their interactions and exposure to the outer world. Following a single curriculum and ensuring all kids are comfortable with it, teaches them that structure and abiding by the rules is a good thing. Preschool education has evolved over all these years and has scored quite high points over homeschooling. The credit goes to the time and money invested in designing the curriculum, getting the best professionals onboard, interactive activities in groups and well-defined ways of handling every amiss situation with your little ones.

All the parents strive to perfect the learning process for their little ones and sometimes struggle during the phases where the kid just doesn’t want to learn. This can very stressful for the parent and may hamper the progress made by a kid in the learning journey. And Mopeteers cater to such situations and ensure your kid is learning in a competitive environment while getting the comfort of a friendly environment.