How to Choose an Excellent Preschool program ?

English, Mathematics, History, Geography, Science and the list goes on. We all want our tiny ones to excel in these subjects at school. We all would love to have bright and brilliant kids in our households. Hence it is quite obvious to fall into the trap of starting training the kids in these subjects early on. But unfortunately research and studies suggest that is the best way to hinder and to some extent stop the initiation of the learning curve in your kid.

Your 2 year old certainly would not be interested in discovering atoms and nucleons or learn how many ‘P’s are present in the word Misssipi’. The normal curriculum which begins from 1st Standard doesn’t need any prepping, it is anyway the basics of alphabets and numbers. The fastest and easiest way to stop the mental growth of a kid is to start pressurising them at the grassroot level. The more you push curriculum and texts into the mind of your 2 year old, the more their brain gets shut. While everyone agrees that education should begin at the age of 18 months, not many really know the difference between early childhood education and nursery education. There are many such questions which remain largely unanswered or wrongly answered.

As a parent what is it that you should understand about pre-schooling and the difference in approach for early childhood education, the question poses infront of us like a mountain. But luckily there are professional services like that of Moppeteers that can provide just the exact guidance and direction as to what is it really that opens the door to the overall development of your kid. The first and foremost principle is to understand the attention span of the kids at the age of pre-schooling. Kids tend to be frivolous and get bored of siting at one place, so any pre-school that preaches fixed n tight schedules and curriculum is a big no no for your tiny one. The more the number of activity based learnings involved, the better and this not only holds the interest of your kid for longer duration but also ensures development of social and communication skills.

To develop social skills in your tiny one, they have to be exposed to the right environment for congnitive growth and development. They have to be in a surrounding that has kids of the same age-group and are guided by professional educators who give them individual attention at all times. The number of options for pre-schooling programs available to choose from are very high but what should be one of the deciding factors is the appropriate teacher to student ratio. Moppeteers has the best reputation in this regard and always stands by the promise of providing individual attention to your kid. They ensure that your kid feels at home and the comfort opens up their brains to absorb all that is happening in their surrounding. As they observe and listen and visualise, their receptive skills, their imagination and even their listening skills get a boost.

What goes in to the pre-school program is a kid that is angry and disappointed of being sent away from home and what should come out is a kid that is super excited to start off the journey of learning and education.