How to Successfully Transition Your Child into Preschool

Change is the order of the day and every human has his or her own mechanism of dealing with it. Even as an adult there can be times when we find it really challenging to deal with change. A change in workplace for example can be tricky and may directly impact our productivity. Now just imagine how much turmoil a toddler might be going through with a sudden change in their surroundings. Whenever we move our kid out of home for the first time or shift them from one school to another, they go through a lot of confusion and ambiguity. These emotions can lead to changed behaviour or panic calls and breakdowns.

While all professional pre-schools and daycare centres do take utmost care to ensure homely environment and comfort for the kid, they always seek support from their parents for the transistion. The key is continuous communication and the more the parents spend time in understanding what the kid is going through the easier the transition becomes. The kid should feel at all times that they have enough support behind them, they need a fallback option, a pair of ears to listen to their frustration of adjusting to a new environment.

It can be very difficult to make your child speak up and respond instead of just reacting. But a few small techniques can make a huge difference, like ensuring spending some time with the kid after you reach the school, engaging them in an activity before you leave them alone, or may be hug your child a goodbye and let that feeling linger with them while u leave. That feeling of being taken care of and knowing that someone is there to look out for them usually lets the kid enjoy the day to the fullest and thus explore their full potential. Letting the staff at the pre-schools or day care centre hold your kid while you bid goodbye is one thing that really makes the children feel safe.

At Moppeteers, we provide counselling and guidance on how can you help your kid transistion without much difficulty. We understand the need of the hour and provide plans for the same. The transistion plans are catered to individual needs of each child as we recognise and acknowledge that every kid is different and special in a particular way. Recommendations like visiting your kid during snacks time or lunch time can go a long way in ensuring smooth transition. But we know that what works for most kids may not be suitable for your kids. Hence the need for child care specialists who listen and understand the reactions and provide the best possible tailor made solution for your little one.