Pre-Schooling Enrichment for your Children

Start early if you want to be somewhere far and high. Just as this saying is true for almost any journeys we take, it is equally applicable for the journey of life. The earlier we start learning, better are the chances of being a notch higher than average human beings. When a child is born, so are millions of dreams in the minds of the parents for the tiny one. Even before the tiny one learns to identify the parents, they have already made up their mind about what they want the tiny one would be in life.

While the importance of freedom of choice for the kid is very high, we as parents should ensure that we enable our kids are well equipped to take their own decisions. In this journey of enablement, we need to expose our kid early on to pre-schooling environment. The enrichment in terms of learning a new skill, socialising with other kids, listening to scientifically chosen music to stir the creativity within the kid, is something rather necessary.

When you subject your kids to such a surrounding where each one has an array of options to choose from, they get complete freedom to switch between classes and pick exactly what please their heart. This freedom helps skill building in the kid. While music imbibes in them creativity and gives them a sense of direction and focus in life, Yoga makes them disciplined and connects them more to the earthly elements of the universe.

At a phonetics class, the kid is exposed to the variations of different sounds and its usage. This at the age of pre-schooling completely sweeps out their fear of public speaking. Often the influence of mother tongue in parent’s speech is passed on to the kids, but in an pre-schooling enrichment class of phonetics, that issue is eradicated. Professionals take utmost care and pay attention to ensure that all words and pronunciations are accurate and the fear of speaking up is completely thrown out of the window.

Studies show that kids who attend such classes early on, may not immediately show results in terms of improvement in speech, creativity, etc. But over the years, this stays on with them and shapes their overall personality. The calmness in their thoughts that they gain from the yoga for kids class is reflected in them as young individuals as well.

All this said, all of us as parents want the best for our kids and want to ensure the best of pre-schooling enrichment, but it is often a challenge in choosing the best place to start. Some pre-schools offer great surroundings but lack in skill enrichment sessions, some excel in imbibing skillsets in the kids but do not provide enough freedom of choice which mulls the creativity in a child. A pre-school is the first time your child meets kids of their age and learns to make friends out of strangers and as the saying goes, a man is known by the company he keeps.

At Moppeteer, we strive towards ensuring right fitment for every kid. Offering a wide variety of options to choose from in terms of skill enrichment, we also ensure we have the right mix of kids in each class. The availability and flexibility to choose from the Music, Yoga, Phonetic, etc. classes brings out the true potential of your kid from early on.