Is My Child Ready For Preschool?

There is no joy bigger than being a parent and from the time one conceives the baby, they start planning for the kid’s future. Where would he go to school is one of the most contestable topics among the parents. Often both the parents have a different opinion on the choice of the school and one has to eventually give in. One the school is decided the question remains when is the apt time for the kid to enter pre-school. Pre-schools in Singapore accept kids from the age of 18 months to 6 years and it is quite surprising that the age group is span over almost 5 years.
The logic is simple, not every kid is the same and the growth of your kid in terms of independent movement, actions, communication, and social openness are determining factors for the age when your kid can enter pre-school. Though the early pre-school programs are well suited for taking care of the developmental needs of the kid, still there is a certain amount of preparedness that is needed.

Is your kid able to function independently as of today?
After attaining the age of 18 months, a kid should be able to walk on his own without any support and if it hasn’t happened for your kid, there is nothing to panic. All kids have their own growth pace and one should not worry too much about it as long as the kid is healthy and disease free. Another important checkpoint is if the kid is able to communicate when need be to unfamiliar people and is substantially coherent in doing so. Again there is no fixed age for this and it can happen anytime for your kid.

Are you ready to let off your kid away from yourself?
Initially, you might think having those few hours back in your schedule of not being under the pressure of acting like a perfect parent would be perfect bliss. But think again, you have spent almost 24 hours for the last 18 months in thinking and taking care of this tiny human being. The kid being away from you even for a few hours can cause some amount of stress and disturbance within you if you are not prepared for it. Along with prepping the kid for this change, you need to be ready as well.

Once the preparedness of both you are your kid is well defined and understood, preschooling can begin. Market leaders and professional preschools like Mopeteers offer counselling to the parents on the best time to start preschool for their kid. Based on some standard parameters and the individual independent growth of your kid, preschool learning centers take in your kid and start their journey of learning and development.