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Having babies and providing them with most conducive environment for growth and development is one concern that looms over the mind of every budding parent. Ensuring right people around is not a problem in the initial few months when the baby is 24*7 under the super strict supervision of parents. The real challenge however starts once the kid is all set to enter pre-school. The parents of Jurong East were not an exception to this kind of worries, they had concerns around picking up the best preschool for their kids and ensuring all round growth and development for them. Be it social skills, communication skills or even motor skills, the kid’s ability starts shaping up quite early in the day. If not provided with right amount of support and encouragement, the kid may face problems throughout their life.

To ease out the worries of all parents and provide a safe and developmental child care, Moppeteers recently opened up their preschool in Jurong East. Being the pioneers of developmental learning & cognitive growth, Mopeteers introduces its playgroup for kids at 18 months of age. As the studies suggest, 18 months is the right age to start framing and shaping the overall growth of the kid. The emphasis is on building the right balance of social, communication and motor skill in each and every individual kid that enrolls here. Mopeteers engage professionals and multiple intelligence approaches that caters to the need of every kid that joins the experts in childcare services. The able minds takes utmost care and pay great deal of attention in building a conducive environment here.

While there may be many options available to choose from, picking the right kindergarten in Jurong East can be quite tricky. Almost every childcare service claims to have gained expertise in developing the skill set within your kid, it is very important that the right balance is always maintained in terms of strength of kids in every playgroup. Every child likes and demands individual care and attention and at Moppeteers we believe that every child is special and so is their need for development. Our little moppets are like tiny blessings for us whom we take up as responsibilities and opportunities to give back to the universe. We understand that all kids have very less attention span and hence our circle times are restricted to ensure the little moppets are engaged in constructive activities at all times. Honing up their social skills, giving them a platform to interact with other kids of their own age, group activities involving multiple levels of communication enabling them to open up and share their thoughts out loud, well timed and monitored activities to build up their motor skills, are some of our strengths. We strive towards excellence continuously in providing the best-in-class growth and development for your kids in Jurong East through this new endeavour of ours.

Our Services

Preschool Programmes (two-sessions)

  • Playgroup (18mths – 30mths)
  • Nursery One (30mths – 47mths)
  • Nursery Two (4yrs)
  • Kindergarten One (5yrs)
  • Kindergarten Two (6yrs)

Enrichment Programmes

  • Dramatic Inspiration (K1-P4)
  • Literature Centre (K1 – P2)
  • Kindergarten Afternoon Enrichment (N2 – K2)
  • Academy Focus (P1 – P2)
  • MMA-kids
  • Infant Enrichment (9months – 17 months)

Emergency Care

Student Care

Early Intervention


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Jurong East is known as the ‘Orchard Road’ of the Western part of Singapore which will be transforming into a new regional centre.