Kindergarten Program

The kindergarten year curriculum focus has been more complexed, advance and varied experiences in terms of MOTOR SKILLS DEVELOPMENT, NUMERACY, AESTHETIC AND CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT, LANGUAGE AND LITERACY, as well as  SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT. The final year also include getting ready for Primary 1.

Day Monday – Friday
Years old 5- 6years
Teacher Student Ratio 1:14
Transportation available
Class duration Full Day( 9 AM TO 5 PM) Half Day( 9am to 1 Noon) Or 1pm to 5pm

Literature & Literacy

To alphabets and apply knowledge of writing conventions, the children will also be able to read a range of words and simple sentences and write complete sentences using invented and conventional spelling. The classes are divided into Active English, Phonics, Speech & Drama, Journal and Library.


Understanding the concept of more and less, reading the time, knowledge on money will be filled with experimental learning and experiencing fun at the same time.

Life Skill

At kindergarten stage, we teach Our young ones on how to be more responsible and independent. We team them about personal grooming and hygiene, in helping prepare dinner, setting table and to follow multiple instructions with minimal assistance.


The kindergarten children develop scientific thinking skills through a variety of thoughtfully connected learning experiences. Observing and comparing objects • Basic needs of organism • Causes and effect • How organisms develop • Objects in the sky • Characteristics of organisms • Earth’s materials

Motor Skills

The day of the school start with Warm-up, Yoga and Circle time to develop the motor skill and have a healthy day.

Second Language

As a preschool we offer three second languages apart from English. Chinese, Malay and Tamil are the choices of second languages practiced since 2013.

Questions and Answers

Yes, we have language, fitness and art enrichment classes.

Yes, we provide enrichment classes and its

English & Mandrin are the offered languages in school

We organise one in a week a field trip for kid.

We have the morning assembly, participation in activities and meals.

For full time program the child is provided with breakfast, lunch and tea snacks. For half time program either breakfast or tea snack.

Yes, Our program is progressive and caters to different development needs to the children. We have P1 bridging program after kindergarten , which will help them prepare for the primary school.

Development Per Year

Language & literacy 240 Hours
Discovery Of the World 80 Hours
Logical Thinking 200Hours
Health & Fitness 120 Hours
Social & Emotional Development 80 Hours