Playgroup Program

Playgroup age group of 18 – 36 months is the growing phase, where the children start to walk and explore diverse types of play things. Children spend most of their time in a creative and fun- filled learning environment. They explore their world of creativity which encourage them to be self- directed learners and a confident kids. Our teachers make learning fun by introducing variant colours, shapes, building blocks and group activities.

Day Monday – Friday
Years old 18 – 35 months
Teacher Student Ratio 1:8
Class duration Full Day( 9 AM TO 5 PM) Half Day( 9am to 12 Noon)
Transportation available
Child Care Full Day(7 AM TO 7 PM) Half Day( 7 AM TO 1 PM)
( 1 PM TO 7 PM)


The light yoga practices facilitate the development of children nerves development, muscle stretching and bones strengthening.


It’s a fun filled activity where children perform a wide range of physical activities. Its include skipping, running  and dancing to children songs.

Aesthetic and creatives Expression

To express and expand a child’s ability to identify and describe the basic elements of art such as colours etc. They also sing songs and recite rhymes with simple actions and experiment with a variety of media and tools.

Motor Skills Development

The children should be able to walk and maintain balance while in motion. They should be able to throw an object with both hands. They should also start using vertical, horizontal or circular movements when drawing.


Using simple yet interesting and motivating stories to trigger children to listen, think and learn. Transforming plain black letter characters into child friendly pictograms and they all live in an imaginary place called letterhead where all alphabet characters come to life.

Block Play

Building blocks is one of the most valuable learning experience. With block play a child can feel, lift, explore the bright colour of blocks which provide an advantage for cognitive learning.

Questions and Answers

The child bad should have diapers, water bottles and extra clothes

We have brkfast , lunch and tea for full day . Half day children will either brkfst or tea break. If child have special diet parents can send their own food

Yes, our caretakers will check and change kids diaper at regular interval.

The program is more structured and its formulated as customized curriculum according required for your child.

Development Per Year

Language & literacy 80 Hours
Discovery Of the World 180Hours
Logical Thinking 140Hours
Health & Fitness 140Hours
Social & Emotional Development 60Hours