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Parents have described the school as the ‘Ginger Bread House’ as the little ones refused to leave the school once they are there. Little ones truly enjoy themselves with the inspiring and engaging settings of the centre. The colour combinations and interactive walls triggers the children’s curiosity and wanting them to learn more.

Jurong East

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A cosy and friendly environment inspiring the little ones to learn and explore in the engaging and interactive settings of the school. The small size classrooms allow more attention given to each and every individual.


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Moppeteers @ Namly is one of the 2 newest Childcare school in the Moppeteers EduGroup Family located in the Prime Area in Bukit Timah.

Newly Renovated with beautiful child-friendly decoration and fitted with a indoor playground, the Preschool fills the little ones with excitement and enthusiasm to learn with the brilliant play of colours and educational manipulatives and toys.

Moppeteers @ Namly is such a fest for the eyes of every single child who walks through our doors. They would never want to go home.


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A safe, responsive and nurturing environment supporting the learning and development of our little ones through play-based learning approach. The cosy and conducive learning areas captivates the children’s mind and widens their horizons.