Being the third largest town in Singapore, Tampines is home to around over 230,000 residents. The need of various amenities is well compensated with availability of best-in-class services and care experts for all human needs. Being a self-sufficient town, Tampine offers all services and amenities within easy reach of its residents. While all adult needs require precision and expertise, for the kids the utmost need is of creating an environment which provides the comfort of home while giving the conducive surrounding for overall growth & development. There is no derth of options for pre-schools in Tampines, all offer competitive services to allure the kids and their parents alike.

Options bring along with them confusion, the parents might face numerous challenges in choosing the best school for their kid’s development & learning. There are numerous challenges that might pose as a barrier while choosing the right school for your kid at the right age. The first challenge however can be how early can we send our children to kick start their learning journey and until when should the enrichment journey continue. The preschools in Tampines answer most of these questions, there are early preschool programs, enrichment programs for kids aged 3-6 as well as playgroups in Tampines which take care of these needs. Moppeteers started off their first preschool in Tampines with the motto of spreading professional and expert care and service to meet all the preschooling, kindergarten and enrichment needs of children in Tampines.

They introduced many programs suited to meet learning & developmental needs of kids, be it their early preschool programs or their kindergarten groups, they became the most popular and most liked choice within no time. With the amount of attention and professionally designed programs to care for your child and provide them the best of environment for growth and enrichment for their developmental journey. We at Moppeteers believe that kids should embark on their journey of learning right from the tender age of 18 months, they need to be exposed to the world of opportunities and skills which they can imbibe with the help of the professionals. The accurately timed activities in our playgroup activities in Tampines and the early enrichment classes for the toddlers provide them the framework to build upon in their later life. Mopeteers has been quite popular and sought after by the parents in Tampines because of its focus on building social, communication & motor skills in the kids. The use of dramatic play centres, tuition centres for older kids, enrichment programs for the learners makes Mopeteers a trusted option in Tampines for the children who are ready to learn & embark on the journey of success

Our Services

Preschool Programmes (two-sessions)

  • Playgroup (18mths – 30mths)
  • Nursery One (30mths – 47mths)
  • Nursery Two (4yrs)
  • Kindergarten One (5yrs)
  • Kindergarten Two (6yrs)

Enrichment Programmes

  • Dramatic Inspiration (K1-P4)
  • Literature Centre (K1 – P2)
  • Kindergarten Afternoon Enrichment (N2 – K2)
  • Academy Focus (P1 – P2)
  • MMA-kids
  • Infant Enrichment (9months – 17 months)

Emergency Care

Student Care

Early Intervention


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It is located within Singapore’s largest residential district for HDB flats and condominiums.